Our mission is to breakdown the barrier of entry for AI

With platform we aim to empower the domain experts who can benefit the most from AI. By subtracting the Data scientist from the equation, we hope to achieve greater reach for AI in niche industries that require constant examination of data by experts.

Why are we doing this?

We are here to promote a ridiculously simple way of working with AI. Models change everyday but the one empirical truth is that good data yields good applications. It is quite common in the data science community for data scientists to spend 90% of their time cleaning and labelling data. With platform.ai, data scientists and domain experts alike can merge their data processing and modelling workflows to allow significantly accelerated production cycles.

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The board

Arshak Navruzyan
CEO | Co-founder
Jeremy Howard
Chief Scientist | Co-founder

The team

Atin Mathur
Fullstack DL Engineer
Bismay Nayak
Fullstack DL Engineer
Aashish Ghosh
Fullstack DL Engineer
Ryan Orban
DL Consultant
Alexander Lemeza
DL Consultant