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Last updated: Nov 7, 2018


These Terms of Service govern your access to and use of the platform.ai, inc. (“platform”) software, websites, services, and models (the “Service”). The Service allows users to label images, train models, and export deep learning model weights using an interactive, visual interface. The Service also includes any other services or sites that link to these Terms of Service.

  1. General. Your use of the Service is subject to these platform Terms of Service (collectively “Terms”). By using, registering for, or accessing the Service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.
  2. The Service.
  3. Your Account. You agree not to use any false, inaccurate or misleading information when signing up for your platform account. If you create a platform account on behalf of yourself, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age or able to form legally binding contracts under applicable law. If you create a platform account on behalf of an entity, such as your business or employer, you represent that you have the legal authority to bind that entity to these Terms.
  4. Service Use. Subject to your acceptance of, and compliance with, these Terms, you may use the Service for the sole purposes of testing the Service and providing Feedback to platform. You may not use this Service or any models created using it in a production or live environment. You are responsible for all activity that occurs under your platform account. When there’s something we need to tell you about the Service, we’ll send you a notification to the email associated with your platform account. We may also send you Service notifications by other means (for example by in-product messages). If the Service is canceled (whether by you or us), your right to access the Service stops immediately and your license to the Service ends. In addition, we have the right to delete all data associated with your account and use of the Service (except where prohibited by law). If we reasonably suspect that your platform account is being used by a third party fraudulently, platform may suspend your account without notice.
  5. Code of Conduct. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that when using the Service you will not:
  6. Do anything illegal or engage in activity that is fraudulent, false or misleading;
  7. Circumvent any restrictions on access to or availability of the Service;
  8. Engage in activity that is harmful to you, the Service, or others;
  9. Infringe upon the rights of others;
  10. Engage in activity that violates the privacy of others;
  11. Help others break these rules;
  12. Use the Service (or any component thereof) to design or build a competitive service or to otherwise copy the design, functionality or user interfaces within the Service;
  13. Directly or indirectly offer or provide the Services as a service to third parties;
  14. Disassemble, decompile, decrypt, hack, emulate, exploit, or reverse engineer any aspect of the Service that is included in or accessible through the Service, except and only to the extent that the applicable copyright law expressly permits doing so; or
  15. Remove obscure, or alter any notice of any trademarks, service marks, service or trade names, logos, and other proprietary designations of platform, its affiliates or its suppliers.
  16. Data.
  17. Data Ownership. For purposes of these Terms, “Data” means all data, information, text, images, audio, video or other content that you upload to the Service. We don’t claim ownership of your Data. Your Data remains yours and you are responsible for it. You represent and warrant that for the duration of these Terms, you have (and will have) all the rights necessary for your Data that is uploaded or stored on or through the Service and that the collection, use, and retention of your Data will not violate any law or rights of others. platform cannot be held responsible for your Data or the material others upload, store or share using the Service.
  18. Data License. To the extent necessary to provide the Service to you and others, to protect you and the Service, to improve platform products and services, and to permit other platform users to use and improve the Service by developing additional products and services, you grant to platform, its affiliates, sublicensees and platform users a worldwide and royalty-free intellectual property license to see, use, host, reproduce, modify, distribute, publish, publicly and digitally perform and display, translate, adapt, and otherwise exploit your Data on the Service, in any form, format, media, or channels now known or later developed. You agree that your Data may appear in demonstrations or materials that promote the Service. The rights you grant to platform under this section shall survive termination of these Terms.
  19. Reservation of Rights and Feedback. Except as expressly provided under these Terms, platform does not grant you a license or any other rights of any type under any patents, know-how, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks or other intellectual property owned or controlled by platform or any related entity, including but not limited to any name, trade dress, logo or equivalents. If you give to platform any idea, proposal, suggestion or feedback, including without limitation ideas for new products, technologies, promotions, product names, product feedback and product improvements (“Feedback”), you give to platform, without charge, royalties or other obligation to you, the right to make, have made, create derivative works, use, share and commercialize your Feedback in any way and for any purpose. You will not give Feedback that is subject to a license that requires platform to license its platform, technologies or documentation to any third party because platform includes your Feedback in them. Even if designated as confidential, platform use Feedback for any purpose without obligation of any kind and Feedback will not create any confidentiality obligation.
  20. Using Third-Party Services. The Service allows you to import images from storage services provided by independent third parties (“Third-Party Service”). The Third-Party Services may be subject to additional terms, which you should review. Any additional terms do not modify any of these Terms. You are responsible for your dealings with third parties. platform is not liable for charges resulting from your use of any Third-Party Service in conjunction with platform.
  21. Service Availability; Termination. platform reserves the right to suspend or terminate your access to all or a portion of the Service at any time, without notice, for any reason whatsoever. You may discontinue your use of the Service at any time. The Service may be unavailable from time to time, and platform may change the Service at any time. The Service and any updates to the Service may be unreliable. You may experience errors, bugs, unexpected interruptions, delays or periods of inaccessibility, and loss of data. You assume all risks associated with your use of the Service. We have no obligation to provide any support services for the Service. platform is not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result or a disruption in the Service. We recommend that you regularly backup Data you store on the Service. Sections 1, 2,(a), 2(c), 3, 5, 9 through 14 and those that by their terms apply after the Terms end will survive any termination or cancellation of these Terms.
  22. Updates to These Terms. We may change these Terms at any time by posting the amended Terms on this page. Please check the Terms periodically for those changes. Your continued use of the Service after the posting of such changes constitutes your acceptance of the amended Terms. For your convenience, the date of last revision is included at the top of this page.
  23. Your Privacy. Your privacy is important to us. Please read the platform Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) as it describes the types of Data we collect from you and your devices, how we use your Data, and the legal bases we have to process your Data. Where processing is based on consent and to the extent permitted by law, by agreeing to these Terms, you consent to platform’s collection, use and disclosure of your Data as described in the Privacy Policy.
  24. Confidentiality. “Confidential Information” means non-public information, know-how, or trade secrets in any form, that (i) are designated by platform as being confidential, or (ii) a reasonable person knows or reasonably should understand to be confidential. Confidential Information includes, without limitation, any non-public information about platform or the Service that is disclosed to you in connection with these Terms. Confidential Information does not include the following types of information, however marked. Information that: (i) is, or becomes, publicly available without a breach of this Agreement; (ii) was lawfully known to you without an obligation to keep it confidential; (iii) is received from another source who can disclose it lawfully and without an obligation to keep it confidential; (iv) is independently developed; or (v) is Feedback. You agree to not disclose Confidential Information to third parties unless you are required to do so by a court order or law. You will use Confidential Information only for the purposes of the relationship documented in this Agreement. You agree to take reasonable steps to protect the Confidential Information. These steps must be at least as protective as the steps you take to protect your (or your company’s) own confidential information. You may disclose Confidential Information if required by a court order or other government demand that has the force of law. Prior to disclosure, you must: (i) seek the highest level of protection available; and (ii) give platform reasonable prior notice to allow us to seek a protective order. You will notify platform if you learn of any leak of Confidential Information and will help prevent further leaks. Monetary damages may not sufficiently compensate a breach of this Agreement. We may seek court orders to stop the disclosure of Confidential Information in breach of this Agreement without the obligation of posting a bond.
  25. Choice of Law and Place to Resolve Disputes. The laws of the State of Delaware govern this Agreement. If federal jurisdiction exists, you and we consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the federal courts of the District of Delaware. If not, you and we consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the state courts of New Castle County, Delaware. The provisions of the 1980 U.N. Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods do not apply.
  27. Limitation of Liability. If you have any basis for recovering damages (including breach of these Terms), you agree that your exclusive remedy is to recover, from platform or any affiliates direct damages up to an amount up to USD$10.00. You can't recover any other damages or losses, including direct, consequential, lost profits, special, indirect, incidental, or punitive. These limitations and exclusions apply even if this remedy doesn't fully compensate you for any losses or fails of its essential purpose or if we knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages. To the maximum extent permitted by law, these limitations and exclusions apply to anything or any claims related to these Terms or the Service.
  28. Miscellaneous. We may assign these Terms, in whole or in part, at any time without notice to you. You may not assign your rights or obligations under these Terms or transfer any rights to use the Service. This is the entire agreement between you and platform for your use of the Service. It supersedes any prior agreements between you and platform regarding your use of the Service. All parts of these Terms apply to the maximum extent permitted by relevant law. If a court holds that we can't enforce a part of these Terms as written, we may replace those terms with similar terms to the extent enforceable under the relevant law, but the rest of these Terms won't change. These Terms are solely for your and our benefit; they aren’t for the benefit of any other person, except for platform’s successors and assigns.
  29. Export Laws. You must comply with all domestic and international export laws and regulations that apply to the Service, which include restrictions on destinations, end users, and end use.

Privacy Policy

platform.ai (“platform”) is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit the Websites (“Visitors”) and individuals who register to use the Services (“Customers”) as defined below. This Privacy Policy describes platform’ privacy practices in relation to the use of the Websites. Any information provided to or gathered by platform is controlled by platform.ai, inc. and its affiliates.

  1. Websites covered. This Privacy Policy covers the information practices of websites that link to this Privacy Policy, including https://platform.ai, and other platform websites (the “Websites”) as well as our Ascend and Aware services (the “Services”). This Privacy Policy describes how platform collects, uses, shares and secures the personal information you provide. It also describes your choices regarding use, access and correction of your personal information.
  2. Information collected. When expressing an interest in obtaining additional information about the related applications and Services offered by platform or registering to use the Services, platform may require you to provide personal contact information, such as name, company name, address, phone number, and email address. platform may also ask you to provide additional information, such as company annual revenues, number of employees, or industry. The information described in this paragraph is referred to collectively as “Website User Data.”
  3. In addition, when you visit the Websites, platform and its partners may collect certain information by automated means, such as cookies or similar technologies (“Website Navigational Information”). A “cookie” is a text file that websites send to a visitor’s computer or other Internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor’s browser or to store information or settings in the browser. We also may use third-party website analytics tools (such as Omniture or Google), that collect information about visitor traffic on our sites. The information we may collect by automated means includes: standard information from your Web browser (such as browser type and browser language), your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, and the actions you take on Websites (such as the Web pages viewed and the links clicked) to analyze trends in the aggregate and administer the site.
  4. Use of information collected. platform uses Website User Data to perform the services requested. For example, if you login via an Auth Provider or interact via embedded messenger, platform will use the information provided to contact you about your interest in the Services.
  5. platform may also use Website User Data for marketing purposes. For example, platform may use information you provide to contact you to further discuss your interest in the Services and to send you information regarding platform and its partners, such as information about promotions or events.
  6. platform uses credit card information solely to check the financial qualifications of prospective Customers and to collect payment for the Services.
  7. platform uses Website Navigational Information to operate and improve the Websites. platform may also use Website Navigational Information alone or in combination with Website User Data to provide personalized information about platform usage.
  8. We also use your personal data for secondary purposes such as internal audits, physical and information security and other monitoring activities to ensure security and compliance with local laws and regulations.
  9. Website Navigational Information
  10. Cookies and IP Addresses
  11. platform uses commonly-used information-gathering tools, such as cookies or similar technologies, to collect Website Navigational Information. This section describes the types of Website Navigational Information that may be collected on the Websites and how this information may be used.
  12. Cookies – When you visit the Websites, platform’ servers send a cookie to your computer. Standing alone, cookies do not personally identify you; they merely recognize your Web browser.
  13. platform uses cookies that are session-based and persistent-based. Session cookies exist only during one session. They disappear from your computer when you close your browser or turn off your computer. Persistent cookies remain on your computer after you close your browser or turn off your computer. Please note that if you disable your Web browser’s ability to accept cookies, you will be able to navigate the Websites, but the functionality and features of the Services may be affected, and you may not be able to successfully use the Services. Similarly, if you disable JavaScript, some features of the Websites may not function properly, and some areas of the Websites may not function at all.
  14. If you have chosen to identify yourself to platform, platform uses session cookies containing encrypted information to be able to uniquely identify you. Each time you log into the Services, a session cookie containing an encrypted, unique identifier that is tied to your account is placed your browser. These session cookies allow platform to uniquely identify you when you are logged into the Services and to process your online transactions and requests. Session cookies are required to use the Services.
  15. platform uses persistent cookies that only platform can read and use to identify browsers that have previously visited the Websites. When you purchase the Services or provide platform with personal information, a unique identifier is assigned you. This unique identifier is associated with a persistent cookie that platform places on your Web browser. platform is especially careful about the security and confidentiality of the information stored in persistent cookies. For example, platform does not store account numbers or passwords in persistent cookies. If you disable your Web browser’s ability to accept cookies, you will be able to navigate the Websites, but you will not be able to successfully use the Services.
  16. platform may use information from session and persistent cookies in combination with Website User Data to provide you with information about platform and the Services.
  17. platform may share certain information that it collects using cookies with third parties. For example, platform may engage third parties to track and analyze usage and volume statistical information from individuals who visit the Websites, such as Google Analytics or Omniture. platform may also contract with third-party advertising networks that collect IP addresses and other information from the Websites, from emails, and on third-party Websites. Ad networks follow your online activities over time by collecting Web Site Navigational Information through automated means, including through the use of cookies. They use this information to provide advertisements about products and services tailored to your interests. You may see these advertisements on other websites. This process also helps platform manage and track the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. Third parties, with whom platform may partner to provide certain features on the Websites or to display advertising based upon your Web browsing activity, may use Flash cookies to collect and store information. The information that platform may share with third parties described in this paragraph, however, does not include any personally identifiable information. If you wish to opt out of interest-based advertising click here or if located in the European Union click here. Please note you will continue to receive generic ads.
  18. To learn how to opt out of certain cookies using your browser settings click here.
  19. IP Addresses – When you visit the Websites, platform collects your IP addresses to track and aggregate non-personal information. For example, platform uses IP addresses to monitor the regions from which Customers and Visitors navigate the Websites.
  20. Do Not Track – Currently, various browsers – including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari – offer a “do not track” or “DNT” option that relies on a technology known as a DNT header, which sends a signal to Websites visited by the user about the user’s browser DNT preference setting. platform does not currently commit to responding to browsers’ DNT signals with respect to the Websites, in part, because no common industry standard for DNT has been adopted by industry groups, technology companies or regulators, including no consistent standard of interpreting user intent. platform takes privacy and meaningful choice seriously and will make efforts to continue to monitor developments around DNT browser technology and the implementation of a standard.
  21. Sharing of Information Collected
  22. Service Providers. platform uses third parties who provide services on our behalf to help with our business activities such as managing our credit card processing. Our contracts with these companies prohibits them from using your information for any other purpose.
  23. Compelled Disclosure. platform reserves the right to use or disclose information provided if required by law, such as to comply with a subpoena, or if platform reasonably believes in good faith that use or disclosure is necessary to protect platform’ rights, protect your safety or the safety of others and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, government request or legal process. Sale to a Third Party. If platform, or substantially all of its business or assets, is acquired by a third party, Website User Data would be one of the assets that is transferred or acquired by the successor or acquirer. You will be notified via email and/or a prominent notice on our website of any change in (i) ownership; (ii) uses of your personal information; and (iii) choices you may have regarding your personal information.
  24. International transfer of information collected. To facilitate platform’ global operations, Personal Data collected on our websites may be stored and processed in the United States and any other country in which platform or its affiliates or joint ventures maintains facilities or has operations, including countries which may not have data protection laws similar to the laws in the country from which you initially provided the information. By choosing to use our websites and to provide data to them, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.
  25. platform participates in and has certified its compliance with the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. We are committed to subjecting all personal data received from European Union (EU) member countries and Switzerland, respectively, in reliance on each Privacy Shield Framework, to the Framework’s applicable Principles. To learn more about the Privacy Shield Frameworks, and to view our certification, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield List at www.privacyshield.gov.
  26. platform is responsible for the processing of personal data it receives, under each Privacy Shield Framework, and subsequently transfers to a third party acting as an agent on its behalf. platform complies with the Privacy Shield Principles for all onward transfers of personal data from the EU and Switzerland, including the onward transfer liability provisions.
  27. With respect to personal data received or transferred pursuant to the Privacy Shield Frameworks, platform is subject to the regulatory enforcement powers of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. In certain situations, we may be required to disclose personal data in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements.
  28. If you have an unresolved privacy or data use concern that we have not addressed satisfactorily, please contact our U.S.-based third party dispute resolution provider (free of charge) at feedback-form.truste.com/watchdog/request.
  29. Under certain conditions, more fully described on the Privacy Shield website at www.privacyshield.gov/article?id=How-to-Submit-a-Complaint, you may be entitled to invoke binding arbitration when other dispute resolution procedures have been exhausted.
  30. Communications preferences. platform offers Customers and Visitors who provide contact information a means to choose how platform uses the information provided. You may manage your receipt of marketing and non-transactional communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located on the bottom of platform’ marketing emails. Additionally, you may send a request specifying your communications preferences to privacy@platform.ai. Customers cannot opt out of receiving transactional emails related to their account with platform or the Services.
  31. Correcting, updating, and deleting your information.At any time, you can request access to your personal information, request that any inaccuracies be corrected, and request that comments or explanations be added to records about you.
  32. You can also ask about:
  33. whether and why we have your personal information;
  34. how we got your personal information;
  35. what we have done with your personal information;
  36. to whom we have communicated your personal information;
  37. where your personal information has been stored, processed or transferred;
  38. how long we will retain your personal information, or how that retention period will be determined; and
  39. the safeguards in place to protect your information when it is transferred to third parties or third countries.
  40. Finally, you can ask us not to collect or use your personal information for certain purposes, you can ask us to delete your personal information, or you can ask us to provide your personal information to a third party.
  41. Depending on which laws apply to your personal information, we will explain your legal rights, the reason for our refusal and any recourse you may have.
  42. We will respond to your request without undue delay within 30 days. platform reserves the right to take reasonable steps to verify customer identity prior to granting access or processing changes or corrections.
  43. Right to Complain to Supervisory Authority.
  44. Employee Policy. If you have any complaint about the way in which your personal information has been handled, you may raise the matter with your immediate line manager. If your complaint relates to your immediate line manager, or is something which does not relate to your immediate work area, you may raise the matter with either the appropriate HR representative or the next level of leadership (above your immediate line manager). Complaints should be made in writing and copied to an appropriate HR representative. You may also contact the Central Data Privacy Team at privacy@platform.ai.
  45. Non-Employees. We commit to investigating and resolving complaints about our collection or use of your personal information. To make a complaint, contact us at privacy@platform.ai.
  46. Clearly state the following to help us address the issue effectively:
  47. The specific data privacy complaint (please provide as much detail as possible including country, platform company/ brand, your understanding of the data privacy infringement and issues, redress requested);
  48. Your full name and how we can contact you;
  49. Any previous correspondence on this specific data privacy issue.
  50. For European Union Residents.
  51. If you are in the EU, you should contact privacy@platform.ai to resolve your complaint, regardless of which of our companies the complaint is about. If you are not satisfied with our resolution of your complaint, you may complain to the Dutch Data Authority located at autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/en/contact-dutch-dpa/contact-us We commit to cooperating with the panel established by the EU data protection authorities (DPAs) or the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) and comply with the advice given by the panel or the FDPIC with regard to personal information transferred from the EU or Switzerland. For the Federal Trade Commission. In some conditions, you may be able to invoke binding arbitration to resolve your complaint where your personal information has been transferred to and processed in the United States.
  52. For United States residents.
  53. If you are not satisfied with our resolution of your complaint, you can make a privacy complaint to the Federal Trade Commission or you can make a consumer reporting complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  54. For Canadian residents.
  55. If you are not satisfied with our resolution of your complaint, you may be able to make a complaint to one of the following regulatory agencies. Upon resolution of your complaint, we will let you know which of these, if any, may apply to your situation.
  56. Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  57. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta
  58. Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia
  59. Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec
  60. We aim to resolve all issues in a timely manner, or as mandated by local law, but if this is not possible because a more detailed investigation is required, we will keep in regular contact with you to ensure that you are kept informed of the resolution of your matter.
  61. Data retention. platform will retain the information we receive as described in this Privacy Statement for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services and to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected. platform will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.
  62. Customer Data. As part of using our Services, Customers may submit electronic data or information to the Services (“Customer Data”) which may include personal information. The use of information collected through our Services shall be limited to the purpose of providing the service for which the Customer has engaged platform. platform generally has no direct relationship with the individuals to whom Customer Data may pertain, which we process on the behalf of our Customers. Any uses of Customer Data by platform are done so pursuant to platform’ Master Services Agreement (MSA). If personal information pertaining to you as an individual has been submitted to us by a Customer as Customer Data and you wish to exercise any rights you may have to access, correct, amend, or delete such data, please inquire with the Customer (or his/her organization) directly. If an authorized Customer requests that we update or remove the data in question and the Customer has no ability to do so via use of the Services, we will acknowledge their request within 30 days. We may transfer personal information to companies that help us provide our service. Transfers to subsequent third parties are covered by the service agreements with our Customers.
  63. We will retain personal data we process on behalf of our Customers for as long as needed to provide services to our Customer. platform will retain this personal information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.
  64. Security. The security, integrity and confidentiality of your information are extremely important to us. platform uses commercially reasonable administrative, technical, and physical security measures that are designed to protect Website User Data, but unfortunately, no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at privacy@platform.ai.
  65. Children’s Guidelines. This site is a general audience site, although it contains information that may be of interest to children. However, platform does not knowingly collect information from children under the age of 16. If platform becomes aware that it has collected information from a child, it will immediately delete that information.
  66. Automated Processing We do not make decisions about you, automated or otherwise, and do not attempt to analyze or predict your behavior, preferences, interests, health or other personal characteristics. However, we may carry out automated processing on our client’s instructions. For more information about automated processing of personal information on behalf of a client, please contact the client.
  67. Changes to this Privacy Statement. platform reserves the right to change this Privacy Statement. platform will provide notification of the material changes to this Privacy Statement through the Websites at least thirty (30) business days prior to the change taking effect. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.
  68. Contacting Us. If you have questions or suggestions regarding this privacy statement or our handling of personal data, please contact by email
  69. US: privacy@platform.ai
  70. Europe: European Data Protection Officer Arshak Navruzyan, arshak@platform.ai